121 3813 схема

121 3813 схема
After a short delay (5 s), in a subsequent choice phase, they were allowed to explore all eight arms, but only the four arms not explored previously during the sample phase were baited. Please enable JavaScript to access the full features of the site or access our non-JavaScript page. However, unlike memory, forgetting processes and their biological bases are poorly understood.

This paper has been added to your cart (€ 30,00) You may also Subscribe for unlimited downloads of all papers and abstracts on (€ 125,00 per month). Figure 1. Mean change in VA from baseline: difference between each monthly visit for 0.5 mg ranibizumab in MARINA and ANCHOR. Figure 2. Mean change in VA from baseline in three subgroups of patients in the PIER trial. Transgene expression differentially affected each pathway in mutant mice (n = 5/5 for each experiment). G, H, Three minutes of 5 Hz stimulation (900 pulses) produced no long-term plasticity change in control mice in either the SC-CA1 (G) or the PP-DG (H) pathways.

The mice were given four trials per day with an intertrial (ITI) delay of 50 min. Hence, we would have expected mutants with a smaller depolarization envelope. Whereas consolidation of LTP is impaired, consolidation of LTD is facilitated. Two weeks were also necessary to acquire the stage 2 HI/LML task.

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